Our body like as a machine,if you don`t know how to maintaining so the machine will be quickly damage and your body like that also,so take care your healthy body because healthy is everything not money.If you are healthy, then you will be able to enjoy life. Imagine if you have a lot of money, but you have a deadly disease. Your money will be spent on treating illness and you can not enjoy your life. So, your health is the most important thing in your life.

bellow here are easy ways you can do how To maintain the health of your body:

1.Simply break
Sleep is the most efficacious drugs to overcome fatigue and lack of stamina.

2.Control Your Stress Level
It is inevitable, that, the health of your mind have a major impact for the health of your body. You can vacation with your family or your partner, and forget for a moment all the problems that occur in your office. With this, your mind will be refreshed.

3.Maintain Hygiene
Often the disease comes from a place that is dirty or if you're too lazy to clean your house

4. You Need to Keep Your Diet
Use a healthy diet, like eating lots of vegetables and fruits. But, that does not mean you are not allowed to eat fatty or fried foods. Allowed, as long as not excessive.

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like as the motto this blog if healhty is very expensive so take care your health.in this post i will give you some tips of healthy eating.do you know the key to staying healthy is proper nutrition, but the stress and mood also affect our immune system. Positive thinking, laughter, and love will improve immune function while the negative will hit it. In addition to keeping a positive mind and discover the fun and excitement in everyday life, some other lifestyle change is essential for good health.

bellow Here are some tips of healthy eating:

1.Reduce the amount of toxin
We are constantly exposed to toxins through cleaning products, food, and pollution. Different toxins in the body creates free radicals that can cause diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, allergies, nerve damage, mental disorders, and cancer to name a few.
It is therefore important to feed your body with antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals. Blueberries, lentils, pinto and black beans, oranges, pumpkin, and spinach are high in antioxidants.
Make sure you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
2. . Maintaining a healthy internal environment

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After yesterday posting How to prevent hair loss,and now i post some tips healthy hair.healthy hair is very important for someone performance,because with performance we more confident.

Many people have hair loss problems, but confused not know where his treatment of parking offenses, because of that bloghealthy90 To provide Healthy Way To Treat Hair.

bellow here i give u some tips healthy way to treat hair:

1.Avoid hair is much less direct sunlight for too long, because it can make the hair become dry, the yellow-colored and easily broken.

2.Avoid using hair heater, although able to straighten the hair, but you need to know that the aid was quietly make your hair dry and break easily.
You can only use the device, as long as the hair is really enough Vitamin side.

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In this my post i will be sharing for u about hair or how to prevent hair loss.hair is a crown,so be carefull with your hair and don`t your hair loss.Do you know Hair loss can be sure 80 percent are caused by heredity Whereas, the remaining 20 percent are caused by other factors. Other factors that can trigger this problem is the lack of hair nutrition, medication, illness, hormonal changes, stress care products as well. Factor is 20 percent preventable.

Here i am give you some ways that can be used to prevent hair loss problem is:

1.Avoid how to hair that requires pulling hair stylist with a strong like a horse tail hair style. The way this set will cause the hair follicles become weak and easily torn.

2.Avoid hair products and treatments that contain harsh chemicals like hair dyes, hair perming. For hair coloring, hair coloring is better not more than 1 time in 3 months.

3.Consumption of foods rich in iron and protein such as salmon, kecamba (bean sprouts), spinach, nuts and fresh fruit on a regular basis. Do not take vitamin A and E in excess it can cause hair loss.

4.Keep your body to stay fit because of some chronic diseases and infections and high fever may be one trigger hair loss problems. To prevent the body to keep fit, water consumption and a lot of healthy foods and exercising.

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Everybody sepecially for women will look beauty her body.if u have fat body you are not confident right?so i write this tips for u sepecially for fat body.
Here are tips Healthy Diet can be anyone who would like to have a naturally healthy lifestyle:

1.exercise, doing regular exercise, and will make the body back into vibrant also will burn many calories intake into our body through our food banquet every day. Reduce / free from sugar, by doing this hopefully excessive appetite will decrease slowly.
2.Eat enough skip meals as needed.
3.Know Yourself. By recognizing the needs of your body, would be much easier to meet their needs.
4.more consumption of fruits and vegetables, this can be done by changing habits to eat fruit or vegetables in advance rather than carbohydrates & fats. It is hoped that by consuming first fiber, a portion to eat carbohydrates & fats be reduced.
5.Do not leave a breakfast, with breakfast in the morning as well, this will reduce the intake portion more eat during the day. Because diet healthy breakfast came from.
6.more white drink every day, at least 8 glasses or 2 liters per day.

7.Do not diet too tight, because it is best to eat regularly in a smaller portion with two meals we use support metabolism.
8.Brush your teeth immediately after eating, it is to alert you that the meal has ended.

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if heard the cancer i fell afraid and i thing so with u,so don`t close with cancer.in this sesion my post i shall have to give u how to prevent a cancer. The following steps are recommended to prevent cancer:

1. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, grains such as tempeh, tofu and foods that contain lots of fiber. At least one or two times a day eating green vegetables and fruits.

2.Avoid excessive weight gain or obesity. Weigh weight 1 time a week. Research has shown that due to obesity, a greater risk of cancer, especially breast cancer, uterus, colon, stomach, kidney, and gallbladder.

3. Cut too much fried food, and also contains protein and high fat and offal.

4. Limit processed foods with high temperature and long time or a specific treatment that can cause food procarcinogen such as marinated, smoked, baked, roasted until it comes out of charcoal (burnt). It is best cooked foods.

5. Be careful with the use of artificial sweeteners, food coloring and preservatives are excessive. The best food is fresh food.

6. Food kept clean, diverse, and free from environmental contamination substances.
7. should not over-consume beverages containing alcohol and smoking

8.is also a physical activity with regular exercise along with mental and spiritual health is an integral part of the effort prevention of cancer.
my few tips and i hope usefull for u.......

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you all in the world is desire healty living, however healthy it is very expensive.why i say expensive?because for live a healthy,we should spend the money to continue to maintain body condition and keep it until the pain. If it gets sick, you can feel that sense it is an invaluable life with money, money is not always able to nourish the body, but a healthy body can give you the opportunity to earn money.
Healthy living is expensive, but it is cheap or even free or no cost. Is it true? Some groups of people are financially capable of saying that, 'if you want a healthy human being can live healthy and should have the money, because with the money men will be able to buy nutritious food and good food energy.' It is true that people in desperate need of money to be able to survive in this world. But not solely with their money can be healthy, it is healthy and unhealthy man of the food.
Healthy food and healthy that's the best, not healthy food! Well, suppose you buy a portion of 'Steak', fatty foods are healthy foods that may be where if you eat it you will feel the pleasure on the tongue plus plus plus increases your energy is nutritious food high because it contains many substances that are beneficial to the body, but when viewed in terms dri healthy food then you will be able to see the negative effects of these foods. And you can infer the type of food. Yes, it's expensive, has a negative effect as well. What are the negative effects? Can Obesity (overweight), high cholesterol and consequently such as stroke, heart disease,

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The most important organ in our body is heart,without heart we not life,so we must care about heart. main function of heart is pump blood throughout the body. As with other organs, the heart can also be attacked by various diseases

Heart disease is a condition that causes the heart is unable to perform its function properly. There are various kinds of disorders and diseases that can affect any part of the heart.

The most common heart disease is coronary heart disease which can lead to sudden death heart attacks.

Cause of coronary heart disease is the narrowing and blockage of the arteries due to buildup of excessive fat in the lining of coronary artery vessels. It is influenced by an unhealthy diet that accompanied sedentary lifestyle, cigarette addiction, hypertension, high cholesterol and thus affect the formation of blood clots. As a result of blood flow to the heart is hampered thereby disrupting the work of the heart as a blood pump that in turn will trigger a heart attack.

In addition to coronary heart disease, there are also other heart diseases caused by defects at birth such as an imperfect heart, heart valve disorders, and weakening of the heart muscle. Another cause is the bacteria that cause infections of the heart.

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THALASSAEMIA is a genetic disease that interfere with normal red blood cells and blood cells that causes fragile or damaged. This lump sum can produce continuous iron and gathered in several vital organs like heart brain, liver and kidneys.
This resulted in damage to the organ, and at the same time, the patient was pale due to lack of normal red blood cells. This is due to low hemoglobin level and require continuous blood transfusions.
If before this, most thalassemia patients in this country, particularly children, had to deal with difficult moments, including the pain each time taking injections for the treatment of the disease, but after this, they will breathe a sigh of relief when the government will introduce alternative methods of treatment easy. To be implemented by July, treatment with a drug Deeferasirox (Exjade) taken orally is expected to benefit the most optimum thalassemia patients as compared to the old method of using injections of iron chelation agent such

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TASTE fever, fatigue, lethargy, poor appetite and rapid weight loss may be common symptoms. However, a precautionary because it may be an early symptom of more serious diseases like blood cancer called lymphoma.
Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that starts from cells of the immune system called lymphocytes. Like other cancers, lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes are in a state of uncontrolled cell growth and multiply.

Lymphocytes are white blood cells that flow throughout the body through a fluid called lymph. It is distributed by a network of channels that form the lymphatic system is part of the immune system. Lymphatic system (function against infection or harmful elements) also includes the lymph nodes that exist throughout the body to filter the lymph that flows through it. lymph nodes swell and become soft when a large number of microbial organisms trapped inside. This indicated the presence of infection. Abnormal lymphocytes accumulated in one or more lymph nodes or lymphatic tissue such as spleen or tonsils and eventually form a cluster of cells called a tumor. tumor growth and spread in the vicinity of tissues and organs, thus disrupt the supply of oxygen and

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