like as the motto this blog if healhty is very expensive so take care your this post i will give you some tips of healthy you know the key to staying healthy is proper nutrition, but the stress and mood also affect our immune system. Positive thinking, laughter, and love will improve immune function while the negative will hit it. In addition to keeping a positive mind and discover the fun and excitement in everyday life, some other lifestyle change is essential for good health.

bellow Here are some tips of healthy eating:

1.Reduce the amount of toxin
We are constantly exposed to toxins through cleaning products, food, and pollution. Different toxins in the body creates free radicals that can cause diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, allergies, nerve damage, mental disorders, and cancer to name a few.
It is therefore important to feed your body with antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals. Blueberries, lentils, pinto and black beans, oranges, pumpkin, and spinach are high in antioxidants.
Make sure you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
2. . Maintaining a healthy internal environment

It is important to maintain a clean internal environment so you do not get sick. Perform cleaning is recommended twice a year because of weakening the body of toxins. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, and reduce the amount of chemicals in food, is a great way to help the body maintain a healthy internal environment.
3. Diet
Some of the best things you can do is to consume white sugar and corn syrup. Focus on eating more natural and organic foods. Add lots of local fruits and vegetables that are still fresh. Eating high quality protein which is not very mature.
Additional vitamins and minerals along with a healthy diet is needed to build healthy cells. For example, vitamin C, A, B12 and zinc can weaken the immune system and lead to more frequent colds.
4. Avoid refined carbohydrates
High glycemic index carbohydrates such as refined sugar, flour and white rice are anti-nutrients. They rob the cell of nutrients, making it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients. They emphasize the organ and the process by spiking blood sugar. Spikes will cause inflammation of the blood constant.
6. Eating foods that contain lots of Alkaline
Normal pH is 6.0-7.0, but most of us are acidic. Acidity provokes inflammation, and high levels of acidity that prevents the absorption of many vitamins and minerals. This means that the body lacks persistence, even with supplements. Eat more alkalized food like green vegetables, fruits 7.Exercise
The benefits of exercise have been known for a long time. It helps regulate hormones, increase metabolism, increase bone mass, lower cholesterol, and boosts the immune system.emon. This diet can help restore pH balance.
8. Do not Forget the Oil Omega
Group that helps in regulating the body's vital functions such as nerve transfer, allergic and inflammatory reactions. Essential fatty acids are lacking in most western diet, and deficiency may play an important role in diseases such as eczema, ADD, and symptoms of inflammation.
Essential fatty acids are known to improve the health of nerves and they are also natural anti-inflammatory agents. Flaxseed oil is rich in alpha linolenic acid and are often easier to convince children to eat. It contains omega -6 and omega-9.
Do not forget that the seeds and nuts are good sources of omega oils. Remember that it is best to buy a whole.


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