In this my post i will be sharing for u about hair or how to prevent hair is a crown,so be carefull with your hair and don`t your hair loss.Do you know Hair loss can be sure 80 percent are caused by heredity Whereas, the remaining 20 percent are caused by other factors. Other factors that can trigger this problem is the lack of hair nutrition, medication, illness, hormonal changes, stress care products as well. Factor is 20 percent preventable.

Here i am give you some ways that can be used to prevent hair loss problem is:

1.Avoid how to hair that requires pulling hair stylist with a strong like a horse tail hair style. The way this set will cause the hair follicles become weak and easily torn.

2.Avoid hair products and treatments that contain harsh chemicals like hair dyes, hair perming. For hair coloring, hair coloring is better not more than 1 time in 3 months.

3.Consumption of foods rich in iron and protein such as salmon, kecamba (bean sprouts), spinach, nuts and fresh fruit on a regular basis. Do not take vitamin A and E in excess it can cause hair loss.

4.Keep your body to stay fit because of some chronic diseases and infections and high fever may be one trigger hair loss problems. To prevent the body to keep fit, water consumption and a lot of healthy foods and exercising.

5.Use a conditioner that suits your hair condition regularly. Conditioners can still be used even if not wash. But it is better used after washing the hair is clean before conditioned so that the benefits of the conditioner is more easily absorbed by the hair.

6.Washed regularly using warm water. Remember neither cold nor hot, just warm.

May precautions can help prevent your hair loss problems..


  1. For healthy hair follow some of these tricks:

    Wash your hair daily using some good quality herbal shampoo.
    Comb your hair regularly.
    Moisturizing your head skin with dabber oil, or almond oil.
    Eat more calcium foods.
    Drink more milk, and yogurt.
    Don't use cosmetic products for your hairs.

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