you all in the world is desire healty living, however healthy it is very expensive.why i say expensive?because for live a healthy,we should spend the money to continue to maintain body condition and keep it until the pain. If it gets sick, you can feel that sense it is an invaluable life with money, money is not always able to nourish the body, but a healthy body can give you the opportunity to earn money.
Healthy living is expensive, but it is cheap or even free or no cost. Is it true? Some groups of people are financially capable of saying that, 'if you want a healthy human being can live healthy and should have the money, because with the money men will be able to buy nutritious food and good food energy.' It is true that people in desperate need of money to be able to survive in this world. But not solely with their money can be healthy, it is healthy and unhealthy man of the food.
Healthy food and healthy that's the best, not healthy food! Well, suppose you buy a portion of 'Steak', fatty foods are healthy foods that may be where if you eat it you will feel the pleasure on the tongue plus plus plus increases your energy is nutritious food high because it contains many substances that are beneficial to the body, but when viewed in terms dri healthy food then you will be able to see the negative effects of these foods. And you can infer the type of food. Yes, it's expensive, has a negative effect as well. What are the negative effects? Can Obesity (overweight), high cholesterol and consequently such as stroke, heart disease,
high blood pressure etc.. In contrast, if you buy vegetables, eg 'Spinach', you are announcing a quite popular cartoon Popeye. Cartoon movie that tells the human essence by eating spinach can be healthy and strong. If viewed from healthy food, this food is certainly unhealthy for the body and also includes a healthy diet due to its content of substances that are beneficial to humans, ranging from green substance as an antioxidant, iron-fosfornya and many others that are beneficial to humans. And one more healthy foods and healthy is relatively cheap and you can use to try healthy foods that change your healthy lifestyle. Healthy Living instead of the food alone, but of your mind, if you want to be healthy in life then you should be able to maintain and improve your lifestyle, do not get used to sleep too late because you have rested enough to at least 6-8 hours a day. You should exercise regularly, not often or long but routine! And the most important thing is do not sleep when people wake up, or believe in the hour between the hours of 04:00 until 10:00 because that's when your mind is being maximized. You have to use it, if you sleep your body will react to your lazy attitude and so you will feel lazy, tired, and so on until you own your self-destructive.

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