Our body like as a machine,if you don`t know how to maintaining so the machine will be quickly damage and your body like that also,so take care your healthy body because healthy is everything not money.If you are healthy, then you will be able to enjoy life. Imagine if you have a lot of money, but you have a deadly disease. Your money will be spent on treating illness and you can not enjoy your life. So, your health is the most important thing in your life.

bellow here are easy ways you can do how To maintain the health of your body:

1.Simply break
Sleep is the most efficacious drugs to overcome fatigue and lack of stamina.

2.Control Your Stress Level
It is inevitable, that, the health of your mind have a major impact for the health of your body. You can vacation with your family or your partner, and forget for a moment all the problems that occur in your office. With this, your mind will be refreshed.

3.Maintain Hygiene
Often the disease comes from a place that is dirty or if you're too lazy to clean your house

4. You Need to Keep Your Diet
Use a healthy diet, like eating lots of vegetables and fruits. But, that does not mean you are not allowed to eat fatty or fried foods. Allowed, as long as not excessive.

5. Avoid Alcohol, Drugs and Habit is Not Healthy
If you drink alcohol to warm the body, why not replace with STMJ wrote.

6. Diligent Sports
Walking or jogging is a simple exercise you can do. And, you should exercise at least an hour a week. You can divide it into 10 minutes per day or 15 minutes every other day.

7. Socialize
With socializing, you will be able to refresh your brain and make your life more colorful.

8. Consumption of Vitamin Supplement

It is necessary, if you have a lot of work that does not allow you to get enough rest and eat regularly.

And the last is Routine check up because, if found to have health problems in your body, then you can immediately deal with it.
how to healthy life and maintain the health of your body is actually very easy. You just need to make all the steps mentioned above as your routine and most importantly, you should enjoy it. If you can do that, then, happy life is no longer just your dream. and happy enjoy in your liFe....


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