Everybody sepecially for women will look beauty her body.if u have fat body you are not confident right?so i write this tips for u sepecially for fat body.
Here are tips Healthy Diet can be anyone who would like to have a naturally healthy lifestyle:

1.exercise, doing regular exercise, and will make the body back into vibrant also will burn many calories intake into our body through our food banquet every day. Reduce / free from sugar, by doing this hopefully excessive appetite will decrease slowly.
2.Eat enough skip meals as needed.
3.Know Yourself. By recognizing the needs of your body, would be much easier to meet their needs.
4.more consumption of fruits and vegetables, this can be done by changing habits to eat fruit or vegetables in advance rather than carbohydrates & fats. It is hoped that by consuming first fiber, a portion to eat carbohydrates & fats be reduced.
5.Do not leave a breakfast, with breakfast in the morning as well, this will reduce the intake portion more eat during the day. Because diet healthy breakfast came from.
6.more white drink every day, at least 8 glasses or 2 liters per day.

7.Do not diet too tight, because it is best to eat regularly in a smaller portion with two meals we use support metabolism.
8.Brush your teeth immediately after eating, it is to alert you that the meal has ended.

Do not make emotional move it to the food. From now on let healthy life style and do a healthy diet is naturally want to maintain and defend our body wellness.after read my article i hope u sharing in your fb or tweet....thank u.

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